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  • Can I copy the video to my computer or network?
    (No) Excal Visual video content is protected under federal copyright law which states that the copying of audio, video, software or other digital content without the permission of the copyright holder is illegal. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure legal rights of copyright material, digital content and intellectual property are protected before engaging in training activity. Customers can purchase a video network license that allows for video sharing on a network or LMS. Contact sales at 888-925-6554 and we will answer any questions you might have.
  • What is included with the training dvd kits?
    We offer 100s of training DVDs for virtually any industry. Our DVDs are full-motion video based training that typically run 15-20 minutes in length. With each DVD comes the trainer's guide explaining everything from how to set the class up, to which topics to touch on after viewing the program. The DVD kits also include an PowerPoint Template, Employee Quiz, Certificate of Completion, Attendance log and in most cases employee handbooks or posters.
  • Can we preview the videos first?
    Yes, All of our DVDs have online previews where you can see what the video covers before purchasing. In most cases we offer full length previews as well and 15 day preview trials of the DVD training kit.
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