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Excal Visual Training Solutions


Excal Visual is dedicated to identifying, developing, producing and distributing high quality and effective environmental, health and safety training compliance videos. We create effective EH&S employee training materials for industry, business and government. Our training is aimed at the 'hands-on' people -- the operators, technicians, laborers, drivers and others who need to know and follow the best practices for safety, security and environmental protection in the course of their jobs. Our 'real world' and straightforward training programs have been used in thousands of facilities all over the country since 1993.

Regulatory agencies like the EPA, OSHA, and the DOT know that the two most frequent reasons for citations, violations and fines are inadequate training and record keeping. Employee training can be the weakest link in the chain of compliance. Environmental Health, Safety and Security regulations are more than just compliance issues; they are the groundwork for a sustainable environment and a safe and secure workplace and that's why we believe it is critical for employees to not only perform their jobs as prescribed, but to understand how their daily actions contribute to compliance and to recognize that they play a key role in preserving our safety and the environment.

Employee Training Solutions

Excal Visual Training Solutions features a collection of online employee training courses, training DVDs, handbooks and posters designed to aid in your employee development. Trainers have relied on Excal Visual for 30 years to deliver award-winning, compelling training materials. These learning and development tools help protect the environment, empower employees, improve the workplace and keep your organization in compliance with government and state regulations. 

Online Employee Training Courses

Our online employee training courses feature content that is specifically designed to help improve employee knowledge and performance. Choose from hundreds of environmental, safety, human resources, maintenance and reliability, healthcare, and government courses — all with a user-friendly interface and featuring interactive rich media to help engage training participants. Our online LMS can easily be customized to your organization's specific needs by adding course modules, employee groups & departments. Our best-selling online employee training courses cover important information on the latest rules and regulations from the EPA, OSHA, and DOT. Preview our LMS training courses online!


DVD Training Kits

Our off-the-shelf library features DVD training kits that can help your organization achieve your unique training objectives while conducting hands on classroom training. A valuable feature of our DVDs is that the content is divided into chapters, offering the trainer natural pauses to discuss the training points. Also, the portable convenience of DVDs makes them a perfect delivery method for trainers who travel between work locations. Best-selling employee training DVDs include Stormwater Pollution Prevention "A drop in the bucket', designed to help organizations comply with the training requirements of state and federal agencies. Preview and purchase training DVDs online!

Training Videos on USB Device

Our training videos are also now available on USB/Flash drives! The USB delivers time-efficient training and contains all the same materials from our DVD kits but in a digital media format. Purchase online!


Training Handbooks & Posters

Our training handbooks will keep training content right at your employees' fingertips! These handbooks are typically between 10 and 20 pages and are great for a daily reminder and for documentation purposes. The development of your employees education has never been easier with best-selling training handbooks that cover core compliance issues and can be a reference to help your employees recognize and eliminate the various forms of hazards that may arise at their job. Finally, our training posters keep your training message in plain sight and remind employees of its importance each and every day. These laminated or paper posters cover such topics as GHS HazCom Labeling and Spill Response and Cleanup.


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